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Finding talented people with drive and motivation to excel is essential to the environment we’ve created at British American Tobacco New Zealand.


If you are interested in joining British American Tobacco New Zealand please visit the British American Tobacco Careers website 

The purpose of this site is to give visitors an insight into our career opportunities, corporate culture and information on our recruitment procedures at British American Tobacco Australia and New Zealand.

Here’s a snapshot of our Employment Principles:

  • Equality of opportunity and non-discrimination;
  • Internal communications and the free flow of ideas;
  • Worker representation and freedom of association;
  • Fairness at work and the unacceptability of harassment and bullying;
  • We do not condone or employ child labour;
  • That forced or bonded labour is completely unacceptable;
  • Performance responsibility;
  • Health, safety and environmental responsibility;
  • Community contributions and skills development for employees and communities in markets where our companies operate;
  • Personal development and learning;
  • Reasonable working hours and family friendly policies; and
  • Fair, clear and competitive remuneration and benefits.

Read more about our Employment Principles  on our Group website.

Bring your difference

Visit our Group careers website to find out more about what it's like to work with us and search and apply for jobs.