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Vapour product regulation

We believe that vapour products should not be regulated in the same way as cigarettes.

The establishment of sensible regulation and clear product standards can help promote the growth of vapour products.

Our view on an effective regulatory framework for vapour products

  • Prohibition on sale to minors - Sale of products only to adults over 18 should be strictly enforced.
  • Quality and safety standards - based on robust science, to ensure consumer safety and confidence.
  • Responsible marketing to adults only - controlled marketing and advertising rules aimed at adult consumers only.
  • Freedom to innovate - to give consumers more choice and satisfy their evolving needs and preferences.
  • Freedom to collaborate and communicate - so the public and private sectors can work together and provide meaningful information   to consumers.
  • Traditional retail availability - in order to reach existing smokers, products should be available wherever cigarettes are sold.
  • Appropriate taxes and excise - reflecting the relative product risks and not artificially driving up prices, which can discourage take-up by more smokers.
  • Sensible regulation that works - regulation must have its desired effect and not create unintended consequences. We support regulation that is enforceable and practical for the regulator, industry and consumer.

Visit the British American Tobacco Group website for more information about e-cigarettes  and e-cigarette regulation .