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Responsible marketing

We believe that tobacco products should never be marketed to children. Because tobacco products pose significant health risks, we believe they should be marketed appropriately and only to adult tobacco consumers.

Responsible marketing

In New Zealand the marketing of tobacco products has been progressively regulated since the 1960s. Today, New Zealand law prohibits tobacco advertising and tobacco sponsorship is banned.  We acknowledge the health risks associated with smoking, and do not question that tobacco needs to be subject to sensible restrictions.

We believe that distributors and retailers of tobacco products should be entitled to communicate responsibly with adults who are in the market for such products.  However, because smoking comes with real risk of serious disease, we believe that it is sensible for commercial activities in this context to be subject to appropriate legislation.

Our business is not about persuading people to smoke; it is about offering quality brands to adults informed of the risks associated with smoking, and who have  made  the decision to smoke. Experience has shown that a substantial number of adults in every country will choose to smoke, whether or not tobacco marketing is permitted.

British American Tobacco New Zealand complies rigorously with all New Zealand tobacco legislation. We consistently act in keeping with the letter and spirit of these laws. In addition, we also adhere to the British American Tobacco Group’s  International Marketing Principles.

International Marketing Principles (49 kb) 

Vapour Products: upholding high standards

Products should not be sold or marketed to minors.

With all our Vapour Products (e-cigarettes), we have appropriate warnings on all our packaging and a robust approach to manufacturing quality and product assessment, including for all ingredients and flavours.

Our Vapour Products Marketing Principles provide a responsible and consistent approach to all of our marketing activities for this important category.

Our core principles are:

  • We will only target our vapour product marketing at adult smokers and vapers
  • We will be clear and factual about our vapour products and their potential risks
  • We will not promote combustible tobacco products through our vapour product marketing

Vapour Products Marketing Principles (212 kb)