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Discover the six Domains

Discover the six Domains - The regions where leaf is cultivated are called domains.

1. Southern Brazil

Brazil is the world's leading exporter of tobacco. A renowned Carolinian tobacco expert, Joseph Thore, first recognised the potential of Southern Brazil for tobacco growing. With sun-drenched fields, well-drained soil and high humidity, Brazil’s southern states are ideal for growing Virginia-style tobacco.

2. Southern United States

A wide range of soils and climates in the Southern United States allow for the production of a variety of different tobaccos. The sandy, well drained soils of the plains of Georgia and the Carolinas combined with the mild but humid summers are ideal conditions for the ripening of bright tobacco. In areas of richer, loamier soils, the humid summers allow for slow air curing.

3. Zimbabwe

The deep granite soils of Zimbabwe allow the tobacco plant to grow and produce wide, open-grained leaves. In Zimbabwe, Virginia tobacco is grown during the mild summer months, characterised by long days and cool nights.  Occasional thunder storms provide the right amount of water and humidity for the tobacco crops.

4. Mozambique

Mozambique has deep, fertile soils and the tobacco growing areas enjoy sunny days with cooler evening and night temperatures. These conditions are ideal for producing Burley tobacco.

5. Turkey

Turkey is known for growing aromatic tobacco. The rocky soil in the valleys produces a small tobacco leaf which exudes waxes and gums to store water. Farmers in the valleys in Turkey have preserved and selected their own seeds for generations, and each of these seeds produces subtly different tobacco plants. Tobacco is sun-cured in Turkey, with the ripe leaves hung on strings to dry as slowly as possible. 

6. The Balkans

Knowledge, tradition and hard work play a part in tobacco growing in The Balkans. Rolling countryside, dry summers and locally evolved seed combine to produce the Oriental tobacco that The Balkans are known for.