Our farmers

Meet our Artisan Growers: Ilgo Beiersdorf

Ilgo Beiersdorf is a family farmer in Arrio do Padre, Brazil, where he enjoys a long term partnership with British American Tobacco’s subsidiary company, Souza Cruz.

Ilgo explains: “My father, Albino Beiersdorf, who passed away in 1989, started growing tobacco for Souza Cruz in 1963, and I followed in his footsteps. Now, my wife Irlei and I are celebrating the 50th anniversary of this partnership. We are very proud of it. 

“The quality of my crop has been improving year after year, thanks to technical support provided by Souza Cruz and to new technologies and innovations introduced by the company over the years.”

Naiber David, a Leaf Manager for Souza Cruz, provides guidance and support for Ilgo and other local farmers. Naiber tells us how he enjoys working with passionate farmers such as Ilgo: “We deliver knowledge not only to the tobacco farmers, but to the entire community.  Being able to help farmers in this way is a wonderful way to strengthen local communities.”

A farmer must not only know exactly when and how to plant, feed and nurture a tobacco crop, but must also understand the right time to harvest it.