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Innovation and choice for adult smokers and vapers

Vapour products are rechargeable, battery-powered devices that heat liquid formulations –e-liquids  – to create a vapour which is inhaled.

Most vapour products are based on ‘coil and wick’ technology. The coil – also known as an atomiser – heats a cotton wick which conveys the liquid, producing a vapour that is inhaled.

Because vapour products don’t burn tobacco, the vapour contains substantially lower levels of the toxicants* found in the smoke produced when tobacco is burned. This provides one indication that vapour products have potential reduced-risk properties when compared with conventional cigarettes.

Generally, vapour products are either closed or open systems. Closed systems feature a closed cartridge containing e-liquid. Vapers insert replacement cartridges to continue using the device. Open systems enable the vaper to refill the e-liquid and mix flavours to their taste.

Most e-liquids contain water, propylene glycol and glycerol, flavourings and nicotine, although some e-liquids don’t contain any nicotine.

Vype, our flagship vapour brand sold in a number of countries around the world has now launched the Vype ePen 3, a closed system vaping device , in New Zealand.  See our New Zealand Vaping Products  here.

*Comparison of smoke from a 1R6F reference cigarette and vapour from Vype ePen 3, in terms of the 9 harmful components the World Health Organisation recommends to reduce in cigarette smoke.