Youth access prevention

We believe that underage people should not consume tobacco and vapour products.

Youth smoking is a complex issue with no simple solution. BAT New Zealand is willing to work with government, retailers, parents, teachers and young people themselves to address this issue. We believe that the choice to smoke or vape should be made by informed adults, and that tobacco and vaping products should not be sold to children. We fully support laws and regulations on a minimum age for buying tobacco and vaping products, and penalties for retailers who break the law.

Working with retailers

We believe the most appropriate role we can take is to assist retailers in ensuring that they comply with the law. We also believe there is a need to heighten awareness within the general community about the photo identification requirements for the sale of tobacco and vapour products if a retailer is in doubt about someone’s age.

Our advice to tobacco and vapour retailers is "If in doubt of a person's age - refuse the sale''.

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