Diversity & Inclusion

At BATNZ, we're committed to reducing the health impact of our business for all stakeholders, including society, consumers, employees, and shareholders. Diversity and inclusion are crucial to realising our vision for A Better Tomorrow as we transform our business.

We aim to create a safe, inclusive, and diverse workplace that reflects the community and customers we serve. By embracing diversity and inclusion we can develop top talent, engage our workforce, and deliver high-quality services to our customers.

BATNZ embraces the unique qualities of our people and strives to create a welcoming and inclusive culture where everyone can be their authentic selves at work. This includes:

  • Gender: Achieving a gender balanced workforce benefits everyone and we welcome people of all gender identities and gender expressions.  We strive for gender equity in promotional and development opportunities, remuneration and reward.
    • We are pleased to report that we have 50% female representation on our Board and Leadership Team, and 43% female representation across our workforce (as at May 2023).  We are committed to achieving a gender balanced workforce, with equitable gender representation at all levels. 
    • We are pleased to report that our Gender Pay Gap is 1.3% as at May 2023.  Our commitment to pay equity is intended to ensure that all employees performing the same work or work of equal value are paid equitably and pay is not influenced by factors such as gender.  We are committed to continually reviewing and addressing the gender pay gap through our gender equity practices, D&I initiatives and by providing consistent and fair compensation frameworks to ensure pay equity for all. 
  • Ethnicity & Religion: We celebrate cross-cultural and religious diversity, including a mix of different ethnicities, nationalities, and religions in our team that reflects our customer base and global organization. We value the bicultural character of Aotearoa New Zealand and embrace the values of both Māori and non-Māori traditions as outlined in Te Tiriti o Waitangi – the Treaty of Waitangi.
  • Accessibility: A person is only disabled if their environment allows it. We recognise people with all kinds of abilities and provide an environment where they feel accepted and included.
  • Rainbow: We see it as our responsibility to ensure all our people feel valued, included and safe at work, no matter what their sexual orientation is or who they chose to identify as, championing LGBTQI+ inclusion in the workplace and beyond.
  • Age: We embrace and value our changing workforce demographic and support our people through their key life stages.
  • Cross industry hires: To achieve our purpose of A Better Tomorrow, we recognise the need for new and diverse perspectives, skills, and leadership styles. We are committed to providing a culture and environment that fosters and supports the growth of such diverse perspectives.

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