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Welcome to British American Tobacco New Zealand
Welcome to British American Tobacco New Zealand

Under the spotlight

Illicit trade

When consumers light-up a smuggled or counterfeit cigarette they may be unwittingly helping to fund organised crime which is just one of the serious problems associated with the trade in illicit tobacco.

Plain Packaging

We are strongly opposed to the Smoke-free Environments (Tobacco Plain Packaging) Amendment Bill and call on the Government not to pass the Bill.

Balanced regulation

We do not question that tobacco needs to be subject to restrictions, but real progress can best be achieved by giving all stakeholders an opportunity for genuine participation in the regulatory process.


Finding talented people with drive and motivation to excel is essential to the environment we’ve created at British American Tobacco.

Welcome to the website of British American Tobacco New Zealand. Thank you for taking time to visit our site.

This website will give you an insight into our company and the tobacco industry in general. We seek to address some of the issues surrounding our industry and we encourage you to get to know our company. Being at the forefront of the New Zealand tobacco industry, we take pride in what we do.

We welcome your views and invite you to Contact us.

Who we are

Who we are

British American Tobacco New Zealand is a wholly-owned subsidiary of British American Tobacco Australasia and is part of the world's most international tobacco group – British American Tobacco.
Tobacco's economic contribution

Tobacco’s economic contribution

The tobacco industry contributes substantially to the economies of over 150 countries, and the number of people worldwide depending on it for employment has been estimated at around 100 million.